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Spring Semester 2016 Summary

Spring 2016

There have been twenty-one (21) bias incidents reported in the spring 2016 semester. All of the incidents occurred on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, campus. One (1) incident occurred at the Pride Center, one (1) incident occurred at the Humanities and Social Sciences building, one (1) incident occurred at the Student Health Center, two (2) occurred at an academic college, one (1) incident occurred on the university transit system, one (1) involved parking & transit services, three (3) events occurred on Pedestrian Walkway, one (1) incident occurred through electronic communication, one (1) incident occurred on Phillip Fulmer Way, one (1) incident occurred at the Torchbearer, four (4) incidents occurred at the residence halls, one (1) incident occurred off campus, two (2) incidents occurred on Cumberland, and one (1) incident occurred via social media. Six (6) incidents regarded sexual orientation, six (6) incidents regarded race, six (6) incidents involved other types of bias/harassment, two (2) incidents regarded religion and sexual orientation, and one (1) incident regarded race and sexual orientation. All reported incidents were investigated and appropriate follow-up was taken.