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Guiding Principles

On Rocky Top, we are building a community that is engaged in making our campus a place that is truly home sweet home for all students.

Using the values of Vol is a Verb, the Bias Education & Referral Team has identified the following guiding principles:


As we strive to create a community where everyone belongs, we must be open to what we don’t know. By remaining curious and leaning into conversations, we can learn more about ourselves and educate ourselves about the world around us.


The University encourages all members of the campus community who believe they have experienced a bias-motivated incident, or who have witnessed an incident, to engage with the bias education reporting process. We also invite you to engage in the many initiatives, programs, and events on campus to develop your sense of belonging to the University.


Discovering and appreciating our similarities and differences is part of the Volunteer experience. Campus initiatives, events, and dialogues regarding bias provide ways to explore the various characteristics that shape the identity of self and others.

Elevate & Empower

Volunteers are better together – there is significance in every story, and there is value in who we are together. By elevating the unique stories of our community members, we can show what it truly means to be a Volunteer; and empowering each other to be authentic while celebrating who we are collectively is what makes campus home sweet home for all students.


The Bias Education and Referral Team equips students, faculty, and staff with support and proper next steps following a bias incident. In addition, the University hopes to equip each student with awareness, knowledge, and skills to understand the impact of diversity on campus and beyond.